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Search this page for photos of men who served with the 71St. If you served with the 71st, and want your photo posted, or have photos and a story of someone who served, send it to me.

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Sgt Bill Juechter 67-68
Sgt Juechter survived his tour only to give his life back stateside in a training accident

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

David Wolfenbarger "Wolf"

David, or as we all called him, "Wolf" walked point for me.
He was good at it. I trusted Dave on point. Believe it or not, he was known to walk point with a recurve bow and a 45 pistol! I've got a picture to prove it.
I have a million memories of him. Dave played guitar, and was always the center of attention at parties. I'll talk more about him some other time. Dave was from Oaklahoma, and he still lives there today.


Terrell Ross

Terrell Ross was from Florida. He was married just a few days before he shipped to Vietnam. He and I shared a bunker at Firebase Barbara one night during a mortar attack.
I got back in touch with him last year. He still lives in Florida, Cross City to be exact, and he is going to be a first time grandfather real soon.

Since I first posted this about Terrell, in 1999, I've had the privilage to communicate with two of Terrell's children, his son Serrell, and daughter Christie. Terrell did become "Grandad"last July 2000, with the birth of "Daniel". Congradulations Terrell.

A mature couple; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Peter Groom
Sgt Groom was a Team Leader. I remember him as a steady member of the unit. Peter was my Team Leader a time or two while I was learning the ropes. Peter lives in North Carolina today.


Dan Fisher was from Chicago I think. How or where he is today, I do not know. I remember "Fisher" could get a little excited in the right situation.


This is Rick Wintermute. I don't remember Rick very well. Does anyone have a story about Rick, or know how or where he is today? Well, Rick checked in Oct 30, 2001! He's living in Southern California today. Rick was in the unit from June of 68 until Mar of 69, when he transfered out to Co E (Recon) 2/3rd. I will place more info on Rick on his own page. Thanks for checking in Rick!


This is Sgt Sampson's team,"One-One", taken sometime during his first tour with the 71St, 1967-1968. From left to right. JJ, Timmons, Nowlin, Bonnington, Sampson, & Ciccotto. Don't know much about the individuals yet. Maybe we will in time.


Here is another photo of Sgt Smalinckas and a lrrp he identifies as Rick Del Prince. Bob served in the 71st from Sept 67 until July 68. Bob has contributed photos and information on several unit members. We all appreciate it Bob.


This is Staff Sergeant Arthur Timmons. He served the unit I believe in 67-68. That is all I know about him.


These two men have been identified as Barry Alton, and Tom Files. Tom looks like he had a sense of humor! Bob Smalinckas has informed me since I first put this photo on the site that Tom was the team leader of team 1-3. Once during a fire fight, Tom called for the extraction of his team. One of the choppers was hit with a rocket and crashed. All on board were badly hurt, and two men were trapped inside the wreckage. Tom ordered his team out while he and one other stayed the night to protect the wounded until help could arrive the next day. Tom received the Silver Star for that night. Tom always put the safety of others first I am told. This story makes me proud to have served in the same unit!

I think this is a single photo of Sgt Tom Files.


The lrrp below is Dennis Sebert....looks like he's a joker too!


A color photo of Siebert below.



No, it's not a barber shop quartet, but four lrrps by the names of Ron Radclif, Barry Alton, Bob Sampson, and John Malinsky. I see Ron has a shoulder patch from the 196th


This is Lt White in the photo above.....the C.O. before my time.


Lt Tillish....XO the same time as Lt White is CO


The two men above are First Sergeant Overpeck, and Lt White. Sgt Overpeck was the man I talked to when I volunteered for the Lrrps. Lt White was the Commanding Officer of the unit during "Tet".

The Lrrps below are identified , left to right, starting
from the back as, Dennis Sancheze, Lt Tillisch, Jim King, Rusty Bliven, Terry Fralick, Greg Callahan, Doug Berry, and Ssg Smith. Front row, left to right, unknown, Frank Mascitelli, unknown, Lt White, and Bob Devlin. I recall Ssg Smith. He was still with the unit when I arrived. I remember him being at the "Fishnet" when I joined the unit. I think he went home sometime in Dec 68.

Thanks for the photos Bob Smalinkas. If anyone can identify the unknown lrrps or correct spelling, please let me know.

Greg Callahan tells me (12-27-01) that the "Lrrp" listed as unidentified , the guy in the front row, first in line on the left, next to Mascitelli is "Walker".
He says he thinks he was called "Buck" by some of the guys.

Thanks Greg.



The Lrrp above is Barry Allton. We have another photo of him, but this is one of him alone. I don't know where it was taken. Since this was first posted, Greg Callahan tells me this photo of Barry was taken at Cat Lai, in front of the D Troop 17th Cav mess hall. Thanks for the update Greg. 12-27-01.

The photo below is one of "LURP" our mascot, that's him going out the bottom of the photo. The other black dog's name is "Sam". She rode out to Firebase Barbara with us once on the Chinook. She stayed a few days, and then all by herself she jumped a ride on a Huey and got herself back to basecamp! When she jumped on that chopper, I thought we'd seen the last of her. She was smarter than she looked I guess, she was back at basecamp the next time I got there!



This is Jack Fuche. I saw Jack Aug. 11, 2001. The last time I saw him was 33yrs ago. Jack was from Dearborn Michigan, he moved to Grayling Mich about 16 years ago.


This is another photo of Jack I got from him Aug 11th of 2001. This is Sgt Means with him at the back of the barracks. Jack still has that hat today. He added a patch to it for each month he was in country.

The photo below is one of him and Sgt Groom taken at FSB Barbara. They were officially members of M Company then.
Jack just got the word from Groom he was on the next chopper out.........going back to the world!


Scott Hokonowa.....we think. Anbody know for sure?


Staff Sergeant Piper in the photo below


John Malinsky and the house girl "Dunb Dumb". I often wonder what happened to the locals who worked on our base after the communists took over. Maybe I don't want to think about it.


Another photo of the house girls "Kim and Dumb Dumb"


Below we have left to right....Malinsky, unknown for now, Armstrong, Mascitelli, and Smalinckas......I think! :)


I think these two lrrps below are Doug Berry and Malinsky.


I just added this in here to balance the page for now. You remember these things don't you fellas........this is our ride........lots more fun than our Mustanges, GTOs, and Chevys we left back home.


A mother playing with children; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Charlie Hunt
I'm not sure where Charlie was from. I think it was West Virginia. He lives there now,anyway. I got back in touch with him last year. Charlie was usually on a different team than me. But we were on the same heavy team once, on Christmas day 1968. That's a story we will tell later.


This black & white photo is of Lt. Robert Eason Jr. He took command of the 71st on Jan 15, 1969. I met him a few days later when he choppered out to FSB Barbara. I was the ranking NCO out there at that time, and met him as he got off the chopper. I believe there were two or three teams at "Barbara" at that time. We choppered back to Frenzel Jones the next day, and started a two week reorganizing period. We got replacements, had some training for their benifit, hot showers and real food. It was a welcome break. When it was over, the unit was desiginated Company M (Ranger) 75th Infantry.
I left Vietnam I think the first day of February 1969. I went home on an emergency leave. I talked to Lt. Eason for the last time on the radio the day I left. I went home and as it worked out, I never came back. I don't know anything about Lt Eason after that time, or how or where he is today.


This is Sgt Bob Sampson. He served with the 71St in 67-68, and again with M Co 75th Rangers, in 69-70. Bob served as a Team Leader of team "One-One". Bob was wounded in Jan of 1970, and was sent home. Bob lives in Milpitas California today. Bob has written a unit history. We hope to see it here someday soon. Thanks Bob for the photos.


Sgt Bob Smalinckas, a.k.a. "Slinkey". Bob came from the 196th. Bob joined as a PFC and actually was a team leader with this rank. The brass thought he was a Spec 4. He wasn't, so they made him one and then promoted him to Sgt.
The Lrrps weren't rank conscious when it came to team leaders, they just wanted the best man calling the shots.
Bob is holding our mascot "LURP", when he was a pup. When I got to nam he was grown, and I remember him being pretty tough too. He whipped the other mascots that came around.
Bob lives in West Milford New Jersey today. Thanks for the photos and help Bob!


This is Roger Blanchard. A Lrrp who served the unit I believe sometime in 67-68, the same time as Rick Del Prince.
We'll had more about him as we learn it. Thanks for the photo Rick!


This is a photo of Tony Mack. He worked in supply.
If you have any information past or present, please let me know.


This is Greg Callahan, a.k.a. as "Calhoun" in July of 1968.

Doug Berry sent in this story of Callahn Dec 30 2000.

Team 1-3 joined another team for a ambush on a large creek. Charlie was thought to be running rice and guns down the creek after dark. We hit'em hard after dark and thought we had everyone. We thought it was a successful ambush....NOT SO! When the choppers came in for us, the 2nd one got RPG'd down. The 1st one got away ok. Callahan and I were to be on the 2nd with 3 others, one of which was the team leader "Rock". Callahan got hit by chrapnel in the chest, got the stew knocked out of him. I thought he was dead, but couldn't find blood. I tried to drag him back from the creek, and he told me to leave him alone, he could walk?????? Anyway, it turned out to be a flat piece of metal from the chopper and it knocked him down and winded him. We ended up ok. When we got back to base, everyone was suprised. They heard we got hit bad, and that everyone died when the chopper went down. Actually, if Charlie had waited 5 minutes we would have been on it and probably would have died on impact. Callahan is ok, a great guy, and yes, he I and stuck close together over there.
Thanks Doug for the story. Now how about a picture and story about you to post.


This is Doug Barry. (on the left) This photo was taken in Oct 68. Doug is with Jack Fuche. Jack has just got back from the hospital. Doug left the unit for home Nov 13, 1968 according to the note on the back of this photo. I got to the field on the 11th of November. I was raw meat......Doug was short.....I don't ever recall meeting him.


This man is identified as Earl sent by Sgt Bob Smalinckas. I'm guessing he served about the same time as Bob...67-68. If you know something more about him, let me know.    5-4-02  An update is in order.  This is "Errol" Redden.  I talked with Errol today, 5-4-03.  Errol lives on a farm near Gypsum Kansa.  His daughter Cindy, from Washington DC saw this photo and told her Dad about the site.  As soon as Errol get's me some stories and photos I'll be displaying them on his own page.  Errol tells me he's a grandpa for the first time.  He has a grandson from his daughter Cindy Jancich. 


This is Larry Hall. He joined the unit in Jan. of 1969. He was one of the new replacements we got just before the unit was desiginated M Co 75th Rangers. Larry and I were in the unit for just a couple of weeks together I think. I went home in early Feb, and he stayed with the unit for three months and then transfered out and got a nice safe job as a helicopter door gunner. Just kidding Larry! I just made contact with Larry this past month. He sent us the "Bob Denver" photo. You can see it on the mystrey photo page. You can also see him in a group photo of Rangers at a reunion on the "Then and Now" page. Larry lives in Emporia Kansas today.


These photo's were sent by Jack Fuche. The upper photos is one of Jack and John Deshaw, Jack is on the left. The first time I took my own team out, Jack walked point for me. I think it was the only time he was my pointman. But I'll never forget it. Jack spotted a boobytrap just as we were about to step into it. I'll never forget the look on his face as he turned to me. As teamleader I was second in line just a step or two back. He reached out real careful like and parted the grass with the barrel of his M-16 to expose the grenade. Made the hair stand on in! Thanks for the sharp eyes Jack. Saved us both some pain I think. Jack lives north of me in Grayling Michigan now. Sadly, Jack tells me that Ranger John Deshaw has since passed away.

The photo below is, left to right, of Spec 4 Edwards, Spec 4 Jack Fuche holding onto our other mascot "Sam", then Sgt Means, Spec 4 Ward, Spec 4 Thomas Kitt, and Spec 4 Henderleiter. This photo was taken at Camp Frenzel Jones in 1969. At this date, these Lrrps were now officially "Rangers". Thanks for the photos and names send more!


Radcliff and someone we can't identify, anyone know the guy on the right?


Staff Sergeant Smith......not the best photo.....anyone got a better one for us? We have him in a group photo somewhere in here too.


Miken Bonnongton below in his "tigers".


The lrrp below is identified as Mascitelli.


Bob Devlin....taken in the barracks.


We don't know the man on the left...but then we have Radcliff and then Kallen.


The two lrrps below..crossing the water, are McMillian and Kallen......left to right


These three below, left to right are Kallen, Berry, and Alton.......taken beside that sorry ass excuss of a swiming pool back at basecamp......I think.


Larry Saville
I'm not sure of the dates he served...I think 67-68

Terri Fralick
This lrrp is identified only as Terri Fralick....with a captured 51 Cal. machine gun

Callahan , Washington and Juechter
Sgt Juechter jumped on a dropped grenade to save the lives of trainees back stateside

Three "Buddies"
John Camire and two others unknown to me

Three brothers back at Frenzel Jones
The lrrp in the middle is Sherman Cotrell & to his right Tim Hinderliter

Well......that's all I have now.....there are many missing from this page who served in the 71St and M Company. Send em in and I'll put them on our site. If I have anything wrong on this site ......let me know and we'll set it straight. If you have a story about anyone or anything that relates.......pass it on .......lets put it our site.
August 2002  The following photos have been contributed by Sgt Alan Ross.  Most if not all of these men were M Co Rangers.  I  will add information about them as it comes in.  Alan has identified them by name for now and we are grateful for that.  Thanks Alan!

Sgt Alan Ross 6-69 thru 6-70
Sgt Ross beside the unit sign after the 71St became M Company

Sgts John F Patrick and Alan Ross

Sgts Dennis Day and Alan Ross

Showing off the unit sign!
Johnny Williams, Lucion Garland, and Neftali Saldana

Rangers at the ready
Back Row. Dennard, Day and Haynes Front - Schwarte, Jones, and Thompson

The Rangers above are identified, back row, left to right,  as Jerry W Dennard, Dennis Day , and David (Cherry Boy) Haynes,
Front row left to right, Gail W Schwarte, Richard Jones, and Harry Thompson.
Now there has to be a story there somewhere, especially with the nickname of Cherry Boy!  We eagerly await!   

Alan Ross has sent in more photos. You can see them below.  I will post some information on them soon.  I'm just running short on time tonight.

Samuel Mallucci and Dennis Day
Unknown standing in door way

Ranger Group - Ozzell Fisher scratching nose
Unkown sitting,David Haynes, unknown,PFC McHarg,2 unknowns,

Johnny Williams
He left the unit to become an MP shortly after this was taken

1 Lt Ron Harper and SFC Dan Mathis Jr

Daniel Duvall and SFC Mathis

Donut Dollys and friends.

David Weinberg
All I have at this date is David's name. Maybe in time we will learn more about him.