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Things we learned in the Army.
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During Basic and AIT.

Don't be the first, or the last in line.
Never call your Sergeant "Sir".
Do not call your rifle, "my gun".
Do not "wander" into some other Training Company's area.
Never whimper or cry. Never say "I can't take it".
I remember a fellow doing that once during physical training, and it wasn't pretty.

These lessons are usually accompanied with pain.....better to learn by watching others.

Others things learned along the way.

They were never told at Fort Knox, or Benning, or Polk that the Civil War is over, and the Yankees won!
Guys in the Army just eight weeks ahead of you can be real ass holes. Can you say "Acting Jacks"
Sometimes later you get to run into those guys. Can you say "Payback"!


This is my rifle, this is my..........


You see this armband? I'm the boss!


Things we learned in Vietnam....some serious...some not.

Vietnam is a lot hotter than Michigan
It's "beautiful" from the air, at least until you get low enough to see the bomb craters.
Veterans like to scare the shit out of the new guys just off the plane.
Your new gear will disappears just a few days after you get out into the field.
Drill instructors you run into in Vietnam, are not all that excited about the reunion!
Officers are "nicer" out in the field.
You will find a friend after awhile.
"Grunts" are pretty tough.
"Lrrps" are tough too.
Hot chow is much better than rations, even LRRP rations.
The Winstons and Marlboros in the SP pack, are the first to go, the Kents are the last.
Listen to the guys who have been here longer than you.
It's scarey the first time out on patrol.
It's scarey every time.
It's worse when you are the team leader.
Recondo School is tough, you can get killed there.
Nha Trang has beautiful beaches.
Special Forces instructors know their stuff.
They serve the best food in the Army.
Their base gets mortared a lot.
Wearing the "Recondo" patch is a big deal. You earn it.
So is the CIB.
Keep your M-16 clean.
Carry your own radio, it's close when you need it.
You can get real jumpy after 72 hours without sleep.
Never, never, ever fall asleep on your watch!
Never walk on the dikes.
Don't move at night, anymore than you have to.
Don't screw around with grenades. Make sure they are secure to your web gear.
It's hard to direct artillery, and gunships at the same time. When the gunships show up, stop the artillery.
When it's over, tell them they did a good job.....cause they have..... And you'll need em again.
The chopper or boat ride out, is a sober trip. The one back is a lot more fun!
You can't really sleep on a mission, even when its your turn.
A bunk at basecamp is pretty good though. But you never feel safe, anywhere.
Coming in from a mission is a good enough reason to party.
Young soldiers don't need much of a reason to party.
The base will always get hit during a party.

Let the good times roll!