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Do you know any of these LRRPs?


This is the unit photo with Bob Denver in it, that Rick Del Prince refers to in his story. Guess we now know you weren't making it up Rick! Bob Denver is about mid photo with his hands stacked one over the other at mid torso. I see Rick in the photo too, no shirt, to the right of Bob Denver. Thanks goes to Larry Hall for the picture. I know this photo predates Larry. I don't know how you come by it, but thanks for passing it on. If anybody can identify any of these other LRRPs, let me know.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Who are these guys partying in my hooch? This was taken about mid January 1969. The whole unit was back at Frenzel Jones. We were training new replacements then, and were about to be turned into M CO 75th Rangers. These lrrps were having a good time in my hooch. From left to right, Charlie Hunt, David Wolfenbarger, I don't remember this man's name, Terrell Ross, Peter Groom, and another lrrp whose name is gone to me. All these men were in the unit before I arrived.

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A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This Sergeant, the guy in the iced beer trailer, was from Texas. He and I joined the unit the same day. When we caught up to the unit deployed at the "Fishnet factory" he got on the CO's shit list right away. It seems some of the veterans in the unit wanted sneak into Saigon to some bar the lrrps liked, and he and I, like idiots went along. I knew better than to spend the night, unlike most of the other guys, (Jack, does this ring a bell) so I got one of them to take me back. I had no idea where we were or how to get back. This was my first day in the field! Sure enough we had a unit formation. The CO didn't appreciate the new replacements NOT being there! Well the next day I met the CO....... It wasn't fun! The fact that I came back and didn't spend the night in the bar, like some other fools, got me just an ass chewing and not an article 15 and fine, like this guy! Some guys lost a stripe over this! Nice introduction to the unit! Good job Sgt Houghton, that's how you do it!
This man and I went to Recondo School together, but do think I can remember his name? How can I forget this guy? Anybody know his name?  ...............Follow up...........some two yrs later..........I finally found this man's name in Tom Halliwell's book , "A History of MACV Recondo School (1966-1971)"  His name is Charles J Hamm. 

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

David Wolfenbarger, Peter Groom, Me, and Terrell Ross. Peter and I took our rank off and snuck into the EM club with our teammates.


This photo was taken in late Jan 1969. The two men on the outside were new to the unit. I have forgotten their names. The man in the center was a veteran, his name is Kirk L Rich. See the "Recondo" patch on his right pocket. That means he could not only "talk the talk" but he could "walk the walk". The man on the left went out on a mission on my team at least once. I remember he was a good shot. The man on the right was one of the new replacements we got when Lt Eason took command. He was assigned to my team, I remember that. But we never went on a mission together. I left Nam suddenly, and I never saw him again. Anybody know their names or where abouts?


Anybody remember this fellow. Picture was taken late November 1968 or early December.  Update.......Aug 2002.......I believe this man's name is Dennis N Sanchez.


Tex Hardin on the left and David Wolfenbager. I don't have a story about Tex, I didn't know him.


I recognize some of these lrrps. It's Jack Fuche and Dave Wolfenbarger in the middle. The man in the back center with his right hand raised is Sgt Earl. The man to his right, you can only see half of his face, is Sgt Welty. I went out with Sgt Welty a few times before I got my own team. I was his ATL on the "Heavy" team that ambushed the the VC unit Christmas day 1968. I ran into Sgt Welty at Selfridge Air Force Base, in Mt Clemens Michigan. I was there TDY, doing military funerals, waiting on paperwork, when he came through there. I think he was on an emergency leave or something.
Jack knows some of the other fellows names. I'll post them when I get back to him.

And speaking of Jack, here he is as a "Cherry". His first days in the unit, hanging around the bunkers. Check that hat out. It seems he wore the thing all through his time in Nam.........and he stills has it today!



This was taken Feb 10th or 11th 1969. The fellow in the beret with glasses is from the Indiana Guard unit that trained with the 71st or at this time M Company 75th Rangers. The other beret wearing lrrp at the back of the truck is SSG  Wash Davis. Davis I believe was from Texas. I met him at the "Fishnet" when I reported to the field in Nov 68.

A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Sergeant Bosquez is second from the right in this group photo. He snuck into the EM club too. The man to his right use to take care of our radios, I remember that much about him. His name is lost to me after all these years along with the other two men in fatigues. The man in civies I don't think was in our unit. If you know these men by name, let me know please..........Aug 2001... I have since learned the names of two of these men. The name of the fellow on the left is Ward, and the guy on the right is Worden.

In the photo below, the man on the right is "Henderleiter". The man in the middle drove our "duce and a half". The man on the left, I have forgotten. Anybody know out there?.......Aug 2001.....I have since identified the man in the middle as Worden. Since I first wrote this, "Tim" Henderleiter has checked in. Nov 26, 2001 to be exact. Tim, aka "funny" informs me that the lrrp on the far left was called "Whitey". His real name is probably Whiting. Tim lives in Kansas City today. He has three children and two grandkids, and says things are good for him. Thanks for checking in Tim.


Who are the two men in the center of this photo? It's Kirk on the left with Wolf on the right standing next to Wintermute.



Wolf has his back to us and the man with the shades is "Leon". Who are these other men?


This photo was taken late Jan 1969. Anyone know this LRRP?.........I think now (Aug 2001), that this fellow is named of our drivers.


This is Jack Fuche and Sgt Mark. Jack says this was taken back at base camp, "Frenzel Jones" Christmas day or Christmas Eve 68. He and Mark had come back off a mission done near the camp. He recalls monitoring radio transmissions concerning the heavy team in contact that same day. Turns out I was on that team as Sgt Welty's ATL.
They sure looked concerned don't they!


This is Jack and his teamleader directing some slicks in to board, for a mission to the "pineapples" involving the whole unit. This was taken near the "Fishnet" factory. This Sgt with Jack got beaten up in Saigon. The Saigon Cowboys hurt him so bad he was sent home. I forgot his name already.........I'll post it soon.